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And now for a character sexuality meme. This... could get long.

Name: Aura (Suicune)
Universe: Crystal
Orientation: Bisexual
Partners: None
Ships?: Primal Dialga ([ profile] distortingtime), sometimes Latios ([ profile] soul_dewd) and Shaymin ([ profile] hedgiesongbird).
Notes: She does ogle girls more than she ogles guys, and she often claims to prefer girls. (She says that they smell better.) However, I tend to ship her with both sexes pretty equally.

Name: Faris Argall (Palkia)
Universe: Alternate (MTN) with bits of Pearl-verse mixed in.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partners: None
Ships?: Cresselia/Selene ([ profile] fullmoonweaver), sometimes Cyrus ([ profile] distorted_deity) and Lia/Dialga ([ profile] halliarayr)
Notes: His crush on Cresselia is the only "canonical" shipping of the lot. Any romanticality with Cyrus or Lia is either Island-induced or all in the heads of the muns. Also, I will not ship Palkia with any Dialga or Giratina, or with any of the Lake Trio. Lia is the only exception. I see them all as siblings and I find that slightly squicky.

Name: Seiko Kiseino
Universe: Alternate (which one usually depends on the journal that I'm using.)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partners: Lucan/Lugia ([ profile] neverletfall) in MTN Round 3/PD. Otherwise, none.
Ships?: Z ([ profile] abzolute_error), Lucan/Lugia ([ profile] deepseasinger), and ReiRei's Blaziken guy (no journal yet) in MTN Round 4. I also used to ship her with Kaito/Poliwrath ([ profile] hypnotictsunami) in Round 3.
Notes: THIS GIRL GETS SHIPPED WITH EVERYONE. I am not even kidding. I even ship her with characters that don't usually get shipped with anyone. /looks at Squiddy's Darkrai and Olivia's Deoxys The fact that she is straight does help. But she's open to suggestion and pays more attention to who a person is than to what parts they have. So... Yeah.

Name: Elijah "Teras" Aaltos (occasionally Registeel)
Universe: Alternate (which one depends on the journal I'm using.)
Orientation: Bisexual
Partners: None
Ships?: Harper ([ profile] whitewisteria) in the Scrapyard. Donny ([ profile] vindictiverogue) and Danica/Drapion ([ profile] resident_maid) in MTN Round 4. Zane ([ profile] almightyarceus or [ profile] gallantness depending on the game) in Eksperi/PD and MTN Round 4.
Notes: This guy is so deep in the closet, he's in Narnia. He's mostly oblivious either way, though. He's not likely to notice if someone likes him until/unless it slaps him in the face. And if he likes someone, it will take forever for him to realize it, and it'll take another forever for him to spit it out.

Name: Luke Redgrave (Noctowl)
Universe: Alternate (MTN)
Orientation: Homosexual
Partners: None.
Ships?: Kaito/Poliwrath ([ profile] hypnotictsunami). It's hard to see him with anyone else. Though once upon a time I did ship him with Kurai's Raichu (no journal). Who was female. And he did get shoved into a threesome with Green ([ profile] egodrivenchamp) and Eirian ([ profile] little_erudite) in a crack scenario.
Notes: There's not really much to say about Noctowl. Any relationship he has with a human, though is likely to fail due to the fact that he wants to kill them all. And any relationship with Kaito is likely to fail due to their alliances. Poor them.

Name: Vaskor Steele (Registeel)
Universe: Alternate (MTN or Eksperi)
Orientation: Asexual
Partners: None
Ships?: None
Notes: This man is uber-paranoid. And he's homicidal. And he hates everyone. And he's kind of a bastard. So yeah.

Name: Shin Kimura (occasionally Bellossom)
Universe: Alternate (which one usually depends on the journal that I am using.)
Orientation: Plantsexual Heterosexual
Partners: None.
Ships?: Phoebe/Cresselia ([ profile] crescentic) in Eksperi. And Kyoko/Tropius ([ profile] cantwebefriends), but only once in a musebox.
Notes: He's more likely to notice a pretty plant than he is to notice a pretty girl. He's... a little oblivious. Not nearly as oblivious as Teras, though. Shin will get the hints eventually.

Name: Bain (Mightyena)
Universe: Alternate (Eksperi)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partners: None.
Ships?: Alex/Hitmonchan ([ profile] outfighter). So hard.
Notes: She's the type that doesn't even think about romance until someone else brings it up. So I guess that makes her Oblivous Chrono-Muse #3. She flails and goes all "but we're just friends!" over the possibility of a romantic relationship with a person she is already friends with, and just plain frowns upon romantic relationships with complete strangers.

Name: Lucy (Lumineon)
Universe: Alternate (Eksperi)
Orientation: Uh... Let's go with pansexual.
Partners: None.
Ships?: None.
Notes: She'd do it with a corpse. That's all you need to know.

Name: Caleb Greene (Lucario)
Universe: Alternate (MTN)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partners: None
Ships?: Aspen/Smeargle ([ profile] sunnystrokes). Maybe Frost/Regice ([ profile] rejiaisu).
Notes: Not much to say here. He's a teenage boy, fairly naive, a little oblivious, and pretty certain that he likes girls. He's open to suggestion, though. (Though it wouldn't be very nice of you to take advantage of that. >|)

Name: Elena Matthews (Moltres)
Universe: Alternate (MTN)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partners: None
Ships?: Brenton/Heatran ([ profile] magma_storm). More will probably come as I use her more.
Notes: Once again, humans don't even have a chance due to her dislike for them. However, she's not above doing a little flirting, either to get what she wants or to distract an enemy.

Name: Ilun (Darkrai)
Universe: Alternate with bits of PMD thrown in
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partners: None
Ships?: None yet
Notes: As a Chibi!rai, all of this is pretty much irrelevant because he still has the mentality of a child. When he grows up, however, he gains a few issues due to people (people he thought were his friends) purposely pushing him away out of fear. He's a little bit tsundere towards everyone; heavy on the tsun and stingy with the dere.

Name: Azelf
Universe: Alternate ([ profile] aswhiteasice's 'verse)
Orientation: Bisexual
Partners: None
Ships?: None yet
Notes: Gender doesn't mean a thing to Azelf. Especially since he himself is technically genderless. Any romantic relations he has had were very brief, and none of them ever found out what he actually is.

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