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♯ Pick up to 10 OTPs.
♯ Describe them in less than (mostly) 15 words.
♯ Have your flist guess the OTP.

1. Not love, but not hate, with the taste of blood and smell of death. Primal/Suicune
2. One not permitted to love together with one who did not think he could.
3. Time and space, space and time, circling each other infinitely. Dialga/Palkia
4. Sea and sky, partners in everything, they'd follow each other through hell.
5. Even though she wasn't human, it was her he loved, not the body she wore.
6. A man in love with a woman who hates men. Better get a fire extinguisher.
7. The princess knew where his heart was. She had it.
8, 9, and 10. Bah! I can't think of anymore pairings I ship. Come back later.

Also, if that plot in pokedressing goes the way I think it is, Suicune is going to flip. Out. And start screaming at a no-longer-present Primal. Should be fun.
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Wow, I've really been neglecting my pokedressing characters lately. I've been wanting to recon Palkia, but when it comes to poor Sui I have no excuse. I'll have to get back in the swing of things over there...

I've been neglecting that private RP with Morg, too, but I've completely lost interest in that Besides, the Vergil/Setsuna pairing wasn't supposed to work out in the first place. And the whole reason why we were doing this is so it will work out. But it's not supposed to. So yeah. Sorry, Morg.

Also, eggs. Fresh, tasty eggs.

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It may be coming back! The RP that I loved, the RP that I miss, the RP that died twice despite everyone's best efforts, might be coming back! Oh, sure, it was on Gaia. Oh, sure, it was cliche and stuff. Oh, sure, it had flaws. But I loved it. The plot was epic. The players were a hell of a lot friendlier than the ones at Paradisa, at least the first time around. Hell, I still talk to most of them, the ones I can still contact anyway.

And it might be restarting! More Than Nothing might be restarting! If I'm lucky, I'll get to see how it ends!

...Of course, it's not definite, so I really shouldn't be getting my hopes up.
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McGee is cuddly and DiNozzo was on Charmed. I am not making this up.

That is all.
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At the end of the day, all you can do is pray.

But I don't pray.

So at the end of the day, I can do nothing.


Apocalypse now? Apocalypse never?

The Mad Hatter look will be in style next year. Trust me...
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Possible really long general hiatus from everything. :/ Thought someone ought to know.
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If you're not normally nice to me (or just ignore me in general), do not start suddenly being nice to me. I will spaz. And wonder what you've been drinking.
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This has been ~*lovingly*~ stolen from [ profile] satrugha.

1. Leave me a comment saying you want to do the meme.
2. I'll respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You should update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You should include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

1. What's your favorite music? (song, artist, genre, whatever) I'm not sure if even have a favorite. I'll listen to everything from violin solos to songs that end in incoherent screaming. If I really had to pick... Flogging Molly. Definitely Flogging Molly. They're who I listen to when I want instant cheering up.

2. Who's your fave char to rp? Meioh Setsuna/Sailor Pluto. No doubts there.

3. If you could cosplay anyone, who would it be? ...Sailor Pluto. I'm actually trying to get a group together to cosplay as Sailor Senshi to Anime St. Louis, but I haven't been having much luck. Either way, if I manage to get my costume done on time, I'll be poking, prodding, pestering, and pouncing on every Vergil, Mhenlo, Fifth Doctor, Kain Highwind, and Colette I see.

I should stop typing now.

4. What's your favorite anime/manga series? (of all time, currently, whichever :D) Currently? I have no idea. Probably either Air Gear or Godchild/the Count Cain Series. Of all time? Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Kinda predictable, isn't it?

5. Um, dream job? :D? Fashion designer! Just like Setsuna. Yes, I am deeply obsessed.
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Okay, no. Just. No. There is a reason why they are warning you. There is a reason why you were devoiced twice. You. Are. A. Troll. A godmodding, playerkilling, rule-breaking troll. I cannot believe Sailor Sol let you kill her character. And it doesn't matter that she let you. You are still a playerkiller who has broken the rules. People DO NOT like what you're doing. Therefore, they don't like you. You're the reason why the channel isn't fun anymore. You're the reason why I don't want to go back there. Maybe if you actually listened to what people were trying to tell you, things would be different.
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I don't think anyone stalks me, but okay.
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I'm a teenage girl!  Of course I'm worried about that homecoming thing!

Well, I'm worried about the dress I'm making for it anyway...  Yay, arm-belts!
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Silent Hill.  In the dark.  No sleep tonight.  No, nonononono, no.

I'll either get desensitized or go absolutely insane.
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They've gotten sneakier since last year, but they won't elude me for long!  The crickets will die.
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And now for a happier post.

Comments are screened due to the nature of some of the questions.

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Kanbe Miyuki, third Sailor Moon actress in the Sailor Moon musicals, died on June 20th. Anything more I could add to this obituary would be pulled almost word-for-word from wikipedia. I never did pay much attention to the Sailor Moon actresses.

...Damn it...
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I'm cold and wet. My head feels all spinny. I may or may not have rope burns between my toes from when the hammock fell down.

...But it was so worth it.

While I'm at it...

T H E N ↔ N O W

Please, be honest.
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I have found uses for my Plutonian Senshi!  No longer do they have to be trapped in my head and tied to a dead AIM RP!

Of course, Guardiannix is going to need a lot of revisions.  He'll still be male.  He'll still have a naginata.  He'll still hate the nickname "Nixie."  But beyond that...?  That's all flying out the metaphorical window.  He won't be from the future.  He won't have anything to do with one of the two main characters of said dead RP.  (Who I will not be naming, but I'm so predictable that I'm sure you can figure it out.)

Sailorcharon and Sailorhydra, on the other hand, both get to stay almost completely the same.
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The Ren Faire was awesome.  And not just because of the shopping and the 3 Pints Gone.  (Although they did help.  A lot.)

It was really, really hot out there.  Wearing long pants, dark colors and black leather boots probably wasn't the best idea, but the people in costume had it worse, so I've no right to complain.  (Seriously, all those layers of skirts and doublets and other funky period clothing looked painfully hot.)  Next year I may or may not be allowed to complain, depending on how hot and heavy the costume I'll be wearing is.  (Which, if I stick to my current plan of cosplaying as Sailorpluto, probably won't be very heavy at all.)

In other news, the dancing made me dizzy.  Ah, the... Caraboushka?  (How do you spell the damned thing anyway?)  It's a war between the musicians and the dancers, each verse going faster than the one before unto either the musicians can't play anymore or until the dancers pass out.  If you can survive the full run of the dance without passing out or dropping out, you can survive anything.  Scotland the Brave wasn't nearly as strenuous.  Or spinny.

So, if any of you readers who happen to be near St. Louis this time next year, the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire be open for 4 weekend plus Memorial Day.  Come dance with fairies, sing along with Scotsmen, and drink with pirates!  Come in costume.  Come in cosplay.  Come dress as a completely normal person while claiming to be a ninja on vacation!

...I went a bit far with the advertisment-thing, didn't I?  ._.;;
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Yay for pulling all-nighters for the sake of fanfiction!

...I'm really going to regret this later, aren't I?

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