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musebox - a place for muses who can't otherwise interact to do so, especially if that box isn't shared by anyone. It's no fun to play alone.

Also, lyrics.

Tir nAn Og, the land of youth forever
Tir nAn Og, beyond the sea
If you believe, believe your soul's eternal
Then you know you always will be…

I've been here before
But I've never lived this world without you
I've been here before
But I've never been so alone
I've been here before
But I've never lived my life without you
Always here before
But never here all alone…

Elvendrums. They're awesome.
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It may be coming back! The RP that I loved, the RP that I miss, the RP that died twice despite everyone's best efforts, might be coming back! Oh, sure, it was on Gaia. Oh, sure, it was cliche and stuff. Oh, sure, it had flaws. But I loved it. The plot was epic. The players were a hell of a lot friendlier than the ones at Paradisa, at least the first time around. Hell, I still talk to most of them, the ones I can still contact anyway.

And it might be restarting! More Than Nothing might be restarting! If I'm lucky, I'll get to see how it ends!

...Of course, it's not definite, so I really shouldn't be getting my hopes up.


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